Running Recap: Week of 5/18/2009 – 5/24/2009

I think I reached the peak of my little 4 week rest period this week. We were stuck with a low pressure system for much of the week and that made for some much needed rain across the Florida peninsula. It also made for a convenient excuse to stay in bed a couple of mornings. Remember when I said that if I didn’t feel like running that I wouldn’t? I held true to that:

Monday AM: 9 miles stationary bike, full body strength
Monday PM: 4 miles Easy with Alice
Tuesday PM: 2 miles Easy with Alice
Wednesday AM: 9 miles stationary bike, full body strength
Wednesday PM: 4 miles Easy with Alice
Thursday: Rainy, so I put Alice through a strength workout
Friday: Off to the beach
Saturday: Lying on beach drinking margaritas
Sunday: ditto

Total mileage: 10 miles!

I think I ran more than ten miles during the week I took off for spring break. That’s okay, though. I’m mentally pretty refreshed on the running front (if completely drained on other fronts). Physically, all of my aches and pains are gone, though I’m feeling somewhat sluggish. I’m sure that will pass once I get into regular workouts again.

I skipped running again on Monday thanks to the holiday. My parents are in town for two weeks at the beach, so we’ve been spending the weekends with them. Today, I took Alice for a 5 mile run (1 mile for each day since her last run). She complained the whole way, but took about 3 minutes off her only other 5 mile run. I’m thinking about putting her through some speedwork on Saturday morning before she hops on the plane with my parents for two weeks in St. Louis.


  1. Ha, I like how the weekend’s “workout” consisted of margaritas. Actually that sounds really good right about now.

    Don’t worry, you won’t need to call me “Ocho Cinco.” I have no idea why he got me that one…we’re going back so I can get a Palmer one instead, haha.

    Looking forward to seeing how your training progresses after this rest period.

  2. Every now and then we need a break. You seem to have a great attitude about it. I have a tendency to get caught up in numbers, and don;t break when maybe I should. The old quantity over quality.

    BTW – thanks for your compliment! I guess I’ll have to start working on a symbol of some type now….

  3. sweet. finally stooping to my level. i don’t feel so alone now, thanks! 🙂 at least you went to the beach a bunch, which more than makes up for the not-running.

  4. Wow, I may actually run more miles than you for once. But I think this is one of the wisest things I have seen a dedicated runner do. Most just run themselves to the point of no longer being able to do their sport.

  5. What a slacker!!!


    Good that you are able to relax– after your past training you deserve it dude. I especially like the Margarita plan. I need to try that soon!

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