Running Recap: Week of 2/1/2010 – 2/7/2010

This was another not so hot week. I’m really starting to realize that I peaked mentally/emotionally for the Walt Disney World half marathon. Right now, I’m just kind (poorly) going through the motions of training for a marathon. I think I’m there. I’m not going to set the world on fire, but I think I’m in good enough shape to take 2 hours off my previous PR and that’s basically my goal this time around. When I compare my long runs, especially, I’ve done two 18 milers and 3 20 milers this time around compared to 1 of each last time. On top of that, I’ve put in some fast miles during a few of those runs too.

It’s not totally burnout, though. The rest of life has been pretty stressful lately and that especially gets to me in the morning when I don’t have a lot of motivation to face the day in general. If not for running with Steve and Justin and injured Richie’s text message coaching, I don’t think I’d have put in the long runs. I have to say, though that Saturday afternoons have been the best times of my life lately. The week is behind me and I’m exhausted from the long run and I just vegetate in front of something that pretends to be educational – I’ve become especially fond of Revolutionary War specials on the History channel.

In any case, I’m 3 weeks from the marathon and it’s time to taper! Though this week was so pathetic, I may just run more mileage in my first taper week. Here’s how it went:

Monday AM: 1 hour (21.5 miles) stationary bike
Tuesday AM: 6 miles (2.5 at 6:40 pace)
Friday AM: Almost a mile, though I’m not counting it
Saturday AM: 20 miles at 8:35 pace
Total: 26 miles

I’m going to try to get a 2×3 miles at 6:45 pace workout in this week and the “long” run will probably be 14 this weekend – and that seems positively short!


  1. at least you are realizing the possible burnout and not completely fighting it like i would. you have been training hard, hopefully the taper weeks and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel will revive your spirit and legs for the marathon!

    i always feel a little sad when my long runs are “only” 14-15 miles (or less).

  2. Brian – sometimes we just need a little mental break. You were focused when it counted. Don;t beat yourself up now – especially if there’s nothing at stake. Relax and enjoy.

  3. Hey Brian-

    It’s been a while!

    Don’t sweat the mental break- we all need those. You’ve worked VERY hard and don’t count out all the training you did BEFORE the half marathon– add that to what youve been doing since and you’re going to rock that marathon bro.

    I have a feeling you’ll start getting pumped over the next few weeks– a littler tapering helps mentally as well as physically!

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