Running Recap: Week of 10/19/2009 – 10/25/2009

This week marked week 1 of my 18 week marathon training plan. It didn’t go so hot.

I talked a little bit last week about some tendinitis in my left foot, but that’s not quite the whole story. For the last two months or so, I’ve had a bump on the bottom of each foot. My doctor diagnosed them as corns last month and promptly froze them. Personally, I think they’re plantar warts but that doesn’t matter so much as the treatment is the same either way. In any case, I believe the pain of the corns/warts changed my stride resulting in the tendinitis. I ran a pretty decent run with Richie on Tuesday, but the tendinitis flared up and so I did 30 miles on the stationary bike Wednesday.

On Thursday, I went back to the doctor to go over my blood work and we revisited the corns/warts. He froze them (and a third one on my right pinky toe) again, this time getting really, really deep. They all turned purple and hurt like hell. Thursday afternoon, I managed to hobble around Alice’s cross country meet pretty well (she won with a time of 23:18, by the way!) and I continue to pare down the corns/warts with my handy dandy paring tool. They seem to be getting better and the tendinitis hasn’t bothered me for a few days so I think I’m on the mend. I did go cold turkey on running for five days, though. I figure I’d rather do that and have 17 good weeks of training, rather than try to fight some tendinitis for 18 weeks.

Anyway, here’s how the week went:

Monday AM: 18 miles stationary bike
Monday PM: 4 miles with Richie at 8:05 pace
Tuesday AM: 10 miles (6 with Richie) at 8:15 pace
Wednesday AM: 30 miles stationary bike

Total: 14 miles running, 48 miles biking (guess I should be a cyclist)


  1. Good luck with your feet! hopefully they will keep getting better! Congrats to Alice! She is improving so much! That is an awesome time!

  2. Ouch! Like you say, wither way (corns or planar warts) they can be quite painful! And you need to be careful with that kind of stuff. I forget who the big time major league picher was, but when I was a kind there was ths pitchr who wrecked his career because of an ingrown toenail. Caused him to change his mechanics which casued elbow issues. Long before Tommy John srgery.

    Be careful out there!

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