Running Recap: Week of 10/05/2009 – 10/11/2009

This week was pretty boring for the most part.  My quality run wasn’t the best and I took most of the week easy in preparation for the “goal race” on Sunday.  The race itself went pretty well (and a race report with be forthcoming in the next few days).  Here’s how the week went:

Monday AM: 6 miles easy treadmill + upper body strengh training

Tuesday AM: 1200 m repeats aborted halfway 2.13 miles total

Wednesday AM: 8 miles easy at 8:47 pace

Thursday AM: 3 miles easy with Raffi at 11:49 pace

Friday AM: 6 miles easy at 8:38 pace

Saturday AM: 2 mils easy at 8:46 pace

Sunday AM: 1.27 miles warmup + 10K race

Total: 36.5 miles


  1. Hey Brian- Just caught up on your blog and previous posts– Great job on the Race for the Cure– 17th is awesome!

    Whats the next big race? What’s your goal time for the Disney half?

  2. Brian – thanks for your kind words and support these past few weeks! I appreciate it. This marathon was such a positive experience (unlike my first). I think I’m hooked. But I have a couple weeks before I need to make up my mind before the next training cycle starts. Mayb I’ll become sane in those two weeks.

    Great work last week! Waiting with baited breath to hear about your race!

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