Running Recap: Week of 05/11/2009 – 05/17/2009

This is my first attempt to regularly recap my weeks with the same level of organization as Jess and Lindsay.  I’ve been sporadic in my weekly recaps and that’s not good.  In the next nine months, I’ll be putting myself through some pretty intense training and I want to document it.  Why?  I don’t know really.  I guess it helps me to reflect on my workouts.

Monday AM: 5 miles easy (39:15)

Monday PM: 4 mile easy with Alice (42:51)

Tuesday AM: 9 miles stationary bike + full body strength

Tuesday PM: 4 miles easy with Alice (39:40)

Wednesday AM: 3 miles easy (23:01)

Wednesday PM: 4 miles easy with Alice (41:07)

Thursday AM: 9 miles stationary bike + full body strength

Thursday PM: 2 mile fartlek with Alice (19:08)

Friday AM: 2 miles easy with Alice (19:52)

Total mileage: 24 miles

Then, I took the weekend off.  Friday and Saturday were spent at Walt Disney World and Sunday was spent lying on the beach reading Once a Runner (review coming Wednesday).   My runs have all been pleasant and I’m getting amped to start ramping up the mileage.  That’ll wait for a few more weeks, though.

Today was rainy all day, but that didn’t affect my 9 miles on the stationary bike and full body weight training at the gym.  It was drizzling when I did my 4 miles with Alice this afternoon, but I think we both enjoyed that better than the unrelenting sun.


  1. I didn’t realize you do 9 miles on the stationary bike twice a week…I think that’s great cross training – do you think you’ll do some biking on the road this summer?

    I look forward to your review on Once a Runner. I need to get in the habit of reading some running books…I just put a half-marathon training book on hold at the library but have yet to pick it up.

  2. Still a decent week! It’s cool that you can run with your daughter. When I mention it to my kids they scatter pretty quickly.

    Sand around here is a lot coarser than the white stuff you guys have. I try to run on the wet sand so I don’t get the shin burns though. It’s still a lot more work than running on asphalt.

  3. I agree with Glenn, it is great that you run with Alice! The Once a Runner book is the next book I am going to read. I am excited to hear what you thought of it!

  4. not a shabby week at all, especially with the weekend off. at least you have a sweet 5k pr to reflect on as you take a little time off. 🙂

    i like looking back on “where i came from”, especially right before a big (‘big’) race. as long as i put in the work, i can look back and remind myself i’ve put in the work and it’s time to reap the rewards. anyway, that’s just me.

    i’m doing the daniels’ 24-weeker, though the first 6 are all just easy running. not quite sure how high i want to get with my mileage yet but i have a few weeks to tinker with my spreadsheet. i think i’m doing the “elite” one too, at the back of the book, behind “plan a”? i think? i can give you a heads up on how lovely the quality days are 😉

  5. Man– you don’t mess around do you! You inspire me to do better. After the half I need to pick your brain on a good training program to work on my speed.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book!

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