Running for Brews St. Pete

On Saturday, I showed up to my normal group run (the one I lead) planning on doing 5 or 6 miles. Inia was the only other person who showed up and she wanted to do 8 so I ran along with her. The pace was right around 10 minutes per mile and I held up well, though I was glad to be finished. My legs were sore most of the rest of the day.

In my new mission to further explore the local running community, I headed to World of Beer last night for the Running for Brews St. Pete group run. There, I met Tori for the second time in as many weeks and Rick, who ran with me two Saturdays ago. This group is just over a month old, but 33 people showed up. It was only a 3 mile run punctuated with 2 stops for lunges, sprints and other strength exercises.

I ran pretty comfortably with the two leaders for the first 3/4 mile before they stopped to lead the group in the strength exercises. Since I had already done some of that with the track team earlier in the day, I circled back to Tori and another runner (Erika) who had also decided to skip that portion of the workout. We continued on up the pier and back to World of beer at just under a 10 minute mile pace.

The running for brews group. Yes, this picture was taken a few weeks before I ran with them, but they haven't changed much in the last month...there's just more of them.

Afterward, World of Beer had some great half price specials for runners on about 10-12 draft beers. I had a Carlsberg lager because I don’t like heavy beers (especially after I’ve just run). I can’t say it was the best beer I’ve ever had, but it sure was cheap!


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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. 😀 Sounds like a good time. Glad to hear you’re exploring the local running community. Happy Tuesday!

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