Pyramid Scheme

Today was another interval Monday.  Always mixing things up, Wily Jack Daniels had me running the ole pyramid today.  The plan called for 4x200m + 2x400m + 1x800m + 2x400m + 4x200m.  The goal was 43 s for the 200’s, 86 s for the 400’s and 2:52 for the 800.  Here’s how it went:

200m in 42 s

200m in 47 s

200 m in 46 s

200 m in 44 s

400 m in 82 s

400 m in 78 s

800 m in 2:52

400 m in 84 s

400 m in 86 s

200 m in 44 s

200 m in 40 s

200 m in 44 s

200 m in 45 s

Strangely, I missed my time on the majority of the 200’s but was spot on or a little fast on the longer intervals.  I guess it took me a while to accelerate and the 200’s were just too short for my fast pace to make up for the slower pace in the beginning.  I went a little better today as far as recoveries go.  I got through the first set of 200’s and the first 400 with complete jogging recoveries.  After that, I did walk a little after each interval, but only for about 50 m before resuming the jog.

I very nearly threw up after the 800.  I had 3 dry heaves, but no puke show for the others at the park today!  Overall, it wasn’t bad.  I followed it up with an afternoon set of 400’s with Alice at roughly 7:00 pace.


  1. Used to do these on the ergometer. I am shuddering just remembering what they were like. Great job!

    I think next to fartleks, these are my least favorite workouts…

  2. I like doing pyramids and will probably include them in my marathon training, I’ll just do fewer repeats and make them longer.

    Nice job on the mileage last week!

  3. really? two interval workouts in the same day?!? i realize the 2nd workout isn’t as tough for you but still… what are you feeding your legs?

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