PR Bars

Recently, I had the opportunity to try PR bars, part of the Fastburn nutrition system. The idea behind the Fastburn nutrition program is to enhance your body’s natural ability to burn body fat while maintaining or increasing lean body mass. PR bars contain a special protein blend, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, low glycemic carbohydrate sources and quality essential fatty acids that help you burn fat.

When I first received the PR bars, I was a little dubious. At first glance, they closely resemble a certain energy bar that I’ve always found to be dry and virtually impossible to consume without an extended effort. Despite their appearance, the PR bars have an excellent texture and taste quite good. In fact, the iced brownie flavored bars could pass for a respectable dessert.

I tried the PR bars at various times throughout the day. They’re best used as a quick recovery snack immediately following a run or as a midday snack. The Fastburn nutrition program recommends having one with breakfast and one with lunch or dinner. I preferred to use them as a standalone snack.

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