If I were a religious man, I’d say God was trying to tell me not to run a marathon.  First it was my foot.  It felt better just as my knee started hurting.  That’s finally feeling better, but now I’ve got the flu.

I was stuffy yesterday, but I got up to run 8 miles with Richie this morning anyway.  I felt great during the run, but almost as soon as we were finished, my entire body started to ache and I just felt like crawling into bed.  Unfortunately, it was one of those rare days where I absolutely could not skip work, so I sat like a zombie all day.  I’m going to bed early tonight and not waking up in the morning until I’m good and ready to wake up.  Hopefully, I can sleep this off.

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  1. Glen- Just the fact you accomplished 8 miles says alot which is most than alot of people would do. I think if thats just a start for you, you have the heart to make it thru the race. I run 3 a year and it’s really natural to hit the runner’s wall every now and then.

    Try this product rhodiola 10 (herbs and green tea) 20 minutes before you start, it really helps with my focus.


  2. That’s how it was for me before my first marathon–just one thing after another. At least the flu will force you to rest for a bit and maybe the other stuff will stop hurting.

  3. Alright– sorry for the delay. First I hope you feel better.

    Second– Holy cow– Just read your Ragnar report. Dude– great job and great report. But, I am a reporter and I have soo many questions– How did you get involved with this? You wrote as if you did not know many of your teamates well– were you assigned to that team or did you pick them? You mentioned above you would not run this again- why is that? How bad did the van smell and teh end? :)oh– what is a solar shower???

    I will have more- don’t worry– Sounds like an awesome event.

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