Not Dead Yet

I’m still alive, despite my lack of posting. I’m sure you’re all eagerly awaiting the photos from the 2011 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay, but you’ve waited a whole month, so what’s another week?

Okay, maybe I’ll drop one in just for fun:

Team "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Run" celebrates at the finish. From left to right: Sara, Yours Truly, Hunter, Raffi, Peter, Daphne, Irish Pat, Danna, Lindsay (hand in face - thansk Jim), Tim, Jim, Colette (hand in face - thanks Jim), Taryn. Behind the camera - Britt.

I’ve been a lot busy this week, but just wanted to drop a note for the millions two who are waiting to see my Guide to Running for Beginners. It is now live at So, on that note I guess there’s a bit happening in my life that I haven’t been disclosing:

1) I launched this week. The idea behind it is to provide an online resource to everyday runners. It’s starting out as a series of articles and columns, but will quickly evolve into a platform from which we’ll launch fun and educational offline events (destination races, running camps, team relays, etc). Tentatively, the first such event will be in late September/early October. It will involve wine, famous mice and an unlucky number of miles. Stay tuned for that.

2) I’ve been coaching a 300+ pound woman named Barb for the last three months. She’s lost a lot of weight, reduced her blood pressure, gotten off one of her medications and hasn’t missed a workout I’ve given her yet. Her first article about her experiences is here.

3) I took a position as Assistant Track Coach at a local private school. I’m in charge of the distance (1600 m and 3200 m) runners. I’m coaching a lot of great kids student/athletes and the practices have been the highlight of my day over the last two weeks.


  1. ragnar posted their pics? or is this one from fins? anxious to see peter’s! tell raffi to hurry up 😉

    congrats on the site launch. i was looking at it earlier this week – looks good! love how the logo turned out.

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