New pacing

I’m pretty much through the Jack Daniels running book and I’m beginning to work out the periodization plan tha twill take me through the summer, the Race for the Taste 10K and ultimately the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. My pacing for the various types of runs is based on my most recent 5K time of 22:42. Through the tables in the Daniels book, I’ve determined my “easy” pace to be 9:37/mile.

So, I set out on the treadmill at 9:31 pace today. That was as close as I could get on the treadmill without going over. Since the pace is quite a bit slower than I’m used to, I concentrated shortening my stride while maintaining a relatively high cadence. On Wednesday, I was consistently at about 160 footfalls per minute, but today, I was able to maintain a pretty consistent 172 footfalls per minute. My stride length was so short that I felt a little like I was speedwalking. I suppose this will payoff further down the line when I increase my target paces.

Today’s 4 miles were certainly easy and it was refreshing to be able to focus on mechanics a little bit without having to worry about being out of breath, etc.

Actual workout

4 miles at 9:31 pace

5 minutes cool down

Full body strength training

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