More strength training

Last night I revamped my mp3 player play list since I was feeling uninspired on the treadmill.   I’ll reveal it here if you all promise not to laugh.  A lot of thought went into this…

1)  Flogging Molly – Float

2)  Coldplay – Viva la Vida

3)  Evanescence – Bring Me to Life

4)  Disturbed – Inside the Fire

5)  Hoobastank – Crawling in the Dark

6)  The New Radicals – You Get What You Give

7)  Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get it Started

8)  Mama Mia Cast – Gimme! Gimme !Gimme !(A man after midnight) – told you not to laugh.  It’s got a very runable beat to it.

9)  Flogging Molly – Man with no Country

10)  Green Day – Holiday – this one always picks me up

11)  You’re Gonna Go Far Kid – Offspring

12)  Flogging Molly – (Nore More) Paddy’s Lament

13)  Aly & A.J. – Rush – Just remember I have 2 tween daughters

14)  The Click Five – Pop Princess – Okay, I like this song more than they do.

15)  Bonnie Tyler – Holding out for a Hero – works as well for running as it does for tractor fighting.

16)  REO Seedwagon – Keep Pushin’

That usually gets me through 6 miles +.  I’m not sure how Flogging Molly would feel about being followed up by Aly & A.J., but that’s the beauty of the mp3 player.

After 5 easy miles on the treadmill, I headed downstairs for some weight training.  Since the legs have been getting hammered this week, I skipped the single leg squats and went with a somewhat easier leg workout today:

Single Leg Extensions – 2 sets with 70 lbs

Leg Adduction : 2 sets with 100 lbs

Leg Abduction: 1 set with 140 lbs

Seated Calf Raise: 2 sets with 115 lbs

Decline Press: 2 sets with 230 lbs

Wide chest press: 2 sets with 160 lbs

High Row: 2 sets with 140 lbs

Shoulder shrigs: 2 sets with 55 lb dumbells in each hand

Bicep curls: 2 sets with 40 lbs in each hand

Of course I stretched thoroughly afterward.  Although I will admit that it’s been hard to find a spot on the stretching mat at the gym lately.  I suppose the crowds will die down once we hit February and people fall off the New Years resolution bandwagon.


  1. well gee where’s the n*sync? 😉

    nice job on yesterday’s threshold. you are kind of putting the fear in me for when i have to graduate from my easy running and start really-running again. i did some lunges yesterday and i am paying for it today. it’s comparable to post-marathon stiffness & soreness.

  2. I find that a great playlist on my MP3 always helps motivate me during my routine. You have to have to have a mix of fast and slow for the intense part of your routine and for the cool down. Holding out for a hero…amazing! Thank you for sharing!

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