Keeping the streak alive

Today’s workout mirrored last week’s 1200 m intervals.  The only differences were that I’m doing more mileage this week, so that meant 4 intervals instead of 3 and a new VDOT, so the pace was faster.  It was about 50 degrees this morning, so I donned two long sleeve running shirts, a stocking cap and my gloves.  The plan was for 4 x 1200 m at 6:24/mile pace or 1200 m in 4:49 with 600m recovery jogs.  After about a mile warmup at easy pace, here’s how it went:

1200 m in 4:38

1200 m in 4:38

1200 m in 4:43

1200 m in 4:45

The fourth one was a struggle.  5 might have been possible, but I was very, very glad I only had to do 4.  With warmup and cooldown, I completed a total of 7 miles.  Another good quality workout.  If you count the race, that’s 4 in a row!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I haven’t read Daniels yet. I bought Glover’s book instead (which was a mistake as it’s really targeting the less sophisticated runner). I’ll be grabbing Daniel’s book next so that I can understand all this VDOT stuff. Several people I know swear by the methodology.

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