Just Slightly Off Center

If I hit the nail on the head during Monday’s workout, then I was just slightly off center today.  It was a great workout session, but didn’t go quite as planned.  The plan was 6×200 + 3×1000 + 3×400.  Here’s how it went:

6×200 m in 35,37,43,36,39,35 with 200 m jogs between

1000 m in 3:41 + 2 minute jog

600 m in 2:19 (was running into a headwind and just couldn’t get myself to go faster)

1000 m in 3:42

3×400 m in 83,83,85 with 400 m jogs between

So, I really only missed the middle 1000.  I was happy to be able to come back and hit the third one on pace then finish off with some strong 400’s.  I will admit that while my recoveries between reps were as planned, my rest time between sets was around 5 minutes today.  On Monday, I was much more on task as far as grabbing water and getting back to it.  On the other hand, when I started the warm-up at the beginning of the workout, I was so stiff that I felt about twice my age so I guess I should just be thankful I got through everything.

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  1. Brian – that is one HELL of a workout! Whew! Makes me sweat just *thinking* about it (cold sweat that is). Cngrats on making your way through it!

    And yes – there’s a reason there’s not a larger version of the SD RnR picutre. I’ve been trying to get the photographer to destroy any evidence that I ran. And believe me – I felt as bad as I looked.

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