It’s all down hill from here

I’ve finally gotten the chance to experience some of the cold weather that some of the rest of my Disney running compatriots have been complaining about lately. I arrived in St. Louis on Wednesday to temperatures in the low thirties. Fortunately, a two day heat wave came through and I was able to head out for my 20 mile run in 55 degree weather. The temperature was perfect. The air was nice and dry. The only thing that really was bothersome was all the damned hills.

Like my 18 mile run last week, I didn’t worry much about my pace. I just went with whatever felt natural.  The hills were tough, but I ran the first 10 miles in less than 90 minutes.  My pace dropped off quite a bit in the second 10 miles, but I still averaged 9:50 per mile over the whole 20.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

20 miles at whatever pace

8 minutes cool down

Actual workout

8 minutes warm up

20 miles at 9:50 pace

5 minutes cool down

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