I’m not sure how I’m doing this

I’m awfully sore from the 18 mile run on Saturday.  A cold front moved through the area yesterday, so I was warm and cozy in bed this morning.  Couple that with the soreness and a run didn’t sound so good.  My hip didn’t feel like it was going to make it 100 Yards, so as I headed out I figured it would be a short trip.

I walked about half a mile and then started running.  Like Saturday, any soreness I felt during my walk disappeared almost instantly once I got my body in motion.  Once again, I didn’t pay much attention to my pace and let my body go with what felt right.  I cruised to the park, mentally allowing myself a walk break anytime after 2.5 miles, but I never took it.  I just kept running.  I finished 5 miles absolutely pain free.  I’m having a little trouble believing it, though.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

5 miles at whatever pace

8 minutes cool down

Actual workout

6 minutes warmup

5 miles at 8:28 pace

10 minutes cool down

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