I’ll take it

I set out today to do some 1200 m intervals.  After last week’s extreme FAIL where I didn’t even manage to get through the first interval, I was determined to get something positive out of this week’s session.  Technically, the plan called for 6×1200, but I was being more realistic by shooting for 4×1200.  Here’s how it went:

1 mile warmup

1200 m in 4:30

1200 m in 4:38

800 m in 3:04

400 m in 1:30

800 m in 3:06

400 m in 1:26

Finished at Easy pace to total 8 miles.

So, I wussed out a little but instead of quitting I just broke the final 2 1200’s into more manageable 800’s and 400’s.  I even ran them slightly faster for good measure!  So, I spent a total of 3 miles at roughly 6:00 min/mile pace.  I’m going to be happy with that.  I need something to hang my hat on and from which I can gradually improve.


  1. Hey Brian, I just found your blog through She Runs Brooklyn. I like the way you write; making workouts seem interesting is no easy task!

    I’ve also just gotten into track workouts, from the training program in Run Less, Run Faster that I’m using to try to qualify for Boston this fall.

    I’m looking at your About page and VDOT stuff; I’m also a fan of the Jack Daniels book. Great blog, I’ll be back to read more!

  2. Brian – those are impressive. I pesonally think that 1200 are *the worst*. If I had to dole out punishment to my kids, it would be in the form of 1200 interval.

    Those are some pretty impressive times!

    And thanks for your concerns. I’m going to take an eas run this evening to see where things stand. Right now I think (hope?) the pain is just from sore muscles.

  3. Nice workout!! You always have some good ladder-ish speed workouts….I should definitely do that. I have no clue what I’d run a 1200 in, though.

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