I started slow. How about that?

Today being my long run, it was all about slow. So it was finally easy to convince myself to take it easy in the first few miles. I just started off at an easy trot and let my body ease into a simple jog. My legs were still sore, though so this was not the easiest long run I’ve ever head. Still, if I had a training partner, I would have been able to maintain a conversation pretty much the whole way, and I only took my two planned walk breaks. I was glad when I finished, but overall very happy with the run.

On a somewhat bad note, I think all semblance of cool weather has left us behind until October. I’m going to have to start thinking about starting my long runs before sunrise soon.

Actual Workout

1 mile warmup

8.7 miles at 9:46 pace

1 mile cool down


  1. I am happy to announce we have reached the forties this week. That means running outside in just shorts and a long sleeved shirt. Nothing like these northeastern heat waves.

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