How not to run a set of intervals

Brian at St. Anthony'sThis picture has nothing to do with today’s post.  Kate found it in the St. Anthony’s triathalon photos.  It’s me in the race I didn’t run.  LOL.

Yesterday, I hit the treadmill for 4 miles, then did an upper body and core strength training session.  After work, I did 3.5 easy miles with Alice.  This morning, I did an interval session.  The plan called for 4×200 m in 42 seconds with 200 m jogging recoveries, 3×1000 m in 3:51 with 2 minute jogging recoveries and 2×400 m in 86 seconds with 400 m jogging recoveries.  Here’s how it went:

200 m in 34 s

200 m in 37 s

200 m in 39 s

200 m in 36 s

I did jogging recoveries between all 200 m intervals, then walked 200 meters before the next set:

1000 m in 3:48

1000 m in 3:51

600 m in 2:22 —>doh!

I did 2 minute walking rests in between the 1000 m intervals and just died during the last one.  I walked for 2 minutes and continued:

400 m in 79 s

400 m in 84 s

I jogged in between 400 m intervals and walked for a couple of minutes before cooling down for about 1200 m at my easy pace.  In total, the workout was 6 miles in 49:42.  I was really beat by the end.  It wasn’t horrible considering I’ve gone up 3 VDOT levels in the course of about 3 weeks.  The paces are bound to effect me somewhat.  I definitely was moving fast during some of those 200’s and probably blew myself up for the rest of the workout.  My legs were damned sore the rest of the day and I was really worried about my 4 miles with Alice.  After about a half mile, they loosened up a bit and I was okay.  I’m certainly looking forward to taking it easy for a few weeks after the Miles for Moffitt race next weekend.


  1. awesome pic for a race you didn’t run 🙂 what kind of face are you making? you still did pretty darn good in those intervals, and pulled it back together after the wonky 600. do you usually do these shorter ones on the track? treadmill? streets? just curious.

  2. Was this the race where you cheered on your friend?? That is hysterical dude!!! I can’t wait to get up to your speed– you are doing great bro!

  3. Great job on the intervals! I have definitely gone out too fast before and then my legs have been shot! Next time I am sure you will be able to pace better

  4. @Lindsay I think I was saluting the photographer with a loud “woo hoo!”. I typically run my intervals at a park. It has a concrete path that rounds a lake. The path is 1.1 miles. The start/finish is marked along with markers ever quarter mile. Since it’s Florida, the path is pretty flat. Sometimes I have to take to the grass to avoid pedestrians. The 200 m intervals aren’t strictly marked, so I use my Garmin to help there. I’ve done it so many times, though that I pretty much know where each 200 m interval ends.

    I figure this is closer to race condition than the track, so I like it better. I don’t really have an accessible track to use anyway.

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