Hot and sticky

I woke this morning at around 6:00 am.  I made my way to the kitchen and flipped on the TV.  It was still dark outside, but the TV said the temperature was already 78 degrees.  I walked outside and everything was still.  No breeze at all.  As I made my way through my warmup, my shirt quickly became wet with sweat.  The humidity was high and there was little hope it would evaporate during my run.

We’re housesitting for friends, so my route is slightly different this week.  My warmup route covers a busier road, and the traffic is somewhate frightening.  As I pass closer to my normal route, I slip into a job and begin my five miles. 

The first part of the run lacks sidewalks, so I’m running on the street.  The streets are designed to slope down sharply on the sides to gutters that quickly drain water from the torrential downpours we often have in the summer.  Right now, that makes it difficult to run on the side of the road.  My ankles get a good workout stabilizing my body on the uneven terrain.

I pass the one mile mark in 10:20.  My goal pace is 10:00, so I’m pretty happy with that.  If all goes well, I’ll be able to increase my pace at the end of the run.  I jog across a bridge and head into the bayside park.  I hit 2 miles in 20:12.  I’m starting to feel slightly tired, so I decide to run to my usual water fountain and take a 1 minute walk break.

The water fountain is not quite 3 miles into the run and I reach it in 29:00.  I start my walk and pass the 3 mile mark in 30:40.  Jogging again, I know my mission is to average 9:40 over the next 2 miles.  I fall into a steady rhythm.  By the time I hit the 4 mile mark, I’ve gained back 25 seconds.  I pass it in 40:15.  I want to take another walking break, but I know that in doing so, I’ll lose grasp of my goal pace.

I slow my pace slightly, knowing I don’t have to run the final mile as fast I ran the previous.  Again, I fall into a steady rhythym, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other.  As I grow closer to the finish, my pace quickens.  I reach the 5 mile mark in 49:41. 

Planned workout

1 mile warmup

5 miles at 10:00 pace

1 mile cool down

Actual workout

1 mile warmup

5 miles at 9:56 pace

2 miles cool down

I would have liked to have run this the whole way, but it was a good run.  Ideally in the marathon, my goal is to stop for water roughly every 3 miles.  Today’s experience was on par with that goal, and I accomplished my goal pace.  Next week, things step up again.  The long run will be 9 miles and should involve 3 walking breaks.  I think I’ve go my water stops strategically planned.

I any case, 3 weeks of the Hal Higdon program are down.  15 left.

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  1. Good job, I hate running in humidity. I am considering a water/walk break every three miles as well, but I know that will break down for me after 15 miles.

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