Good news

Today was a pretty good day.  The oceanographic research group I’m a part of received a grant from NASA to continue our work in the development of numerical models to predict Red Tides.  We’ll be assimilating some of NASA’s satellite data into our models.  That will (in theory) make their predictions more accurate.  Anyway, this means I’m employed in the oceanographic field for another two years.  It’s certainly a big financial relief, but it will take away from the time I have to work on other (more fun) pet projects.

On the running front, my first week back to regimented training didn’t get off to a great start.  I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat.  It wasn’t bad – just one of those things that feels like the precursor to a full blown cold.  I went to the gym anyway and ran my two miles on the treadmill followed by a full body strength workout.  That afternoon, I went out for a 4 mile run.  As J is finding out, running in Florida this time of year can be like having a mild fever.  I think this has actually helped me.  I ran my 4 miles at an average pace of 7:45 min/mile.  Tuesday morning I ran a hot and humid six miles and then another 90+ degree 4 miles that afternoon.  This morning, I was back on the treadmill for 2 before another full body strength session.

Thus far, I’ve hit my goal mileage.  The cold hasn’t progressed past my throat.  I think the virus is starting to think my body isn’t so hospitible.  Tomorrow is another 10 mile day with 6 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, so I’ll try to drive that point home again.  Assuming things don’t get any worse, I’m still looking good to hit 40 miles this week.


  1. yes I am finding it very hot here! I ran this morning and just did a slow 3 miles but came back looking like I took a shower! Have you been to the world golf half of fame thing? Is it worth the money to get in? I think it said it was like 20 dollars!! I might head there if its worth it!

    Your work stuff sounds AWESOME!! Totally cool! glad you got the job security now!

  2. And now I will have my revenge. All this week we are having highs of 75, slightly breezy with less then 1% humidity. I love the north.

    Try sucking on a lemon for that throat. The acidity breaks down viral capsule and loosens mucus so clear it out.

    Congrats on the NASA money, would your lab happen to need a microbiologist looking for a post doc position?

  3. Congrats on the job!

    I lived in Fort Myers for a few years and remember Red Tide well! I was horrible and remained quite the mystery.

    Hope you feel better

  4. red tide just does not have a positive connotation with me after someone a few years ago had to use the term in regards to something else. but, congrats on some job security all the same. i guess our running resort/club will have to wait a little longer. hope you are feeling better, or in the least not feeling worse.

  5. Brian – thanks for the comment on my blog (I’m getting caught up here). The quote is so true – I’ve never really thought about getting in shape and losing weight in those terms. It’s a pretty powerful and motivating quote!

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