Get in the Kitchen Bit@es!

Sometimes there are perks to being a running blogger.  Lindsay gets Sugoi gear and Gu after all.  I’m not quite so lucky, but I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Get in the Kitchen Bit@es signed by author Jason Bailin.  While I haven’t enjoyed it quite as much any novel I’ve ever read, it is probably the best cookbook I’ve perused (at least for entertainment value) in quite some time.

Featuring iconic recipes such as “On your knees! Chicken” and “Bend Me Over Beef”, Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes is a useful companion to those who don’t really have much of a clue about cooking.  In fact, I’m thinking of sending a copy to Lindsay as a wedding present.  The recipes are rated using a simple three point system:

1)  Dumb Ass – easy

2)  The Little Chef that Could- medium

3)  Are you F%@king Kidding Me? – hard

In actuality, most of the recipes are pretty simple and laid out in an easy to follow fashion interspersed with black and white photos of the author and his friends cooking in lingerie and/or various BDSM poses.  There are also useful “words of wisdom” such as,

Adding salty flavors to fruity flavors will convert the sweetness from a typical desert type dish to a dinner-type dish.

I tried the “Curry Up!’ recipe last night and thankfully it came out quite well considering it was rated “Dumb Ass”.  If you don’t know how to cook, this is the cookbook for you.  While the photos may be intimidating, the recipes aren’t and the book actually teaches you just enough about cooking in general to branch out to more difficult recipes, or to experiment with flavors on your own.  The whole thing is certainly tongue in cheek, but it’s perfect for the bachelor/bachelorette who has been living on take out and frozen meals for the last 3 years.

It’s time to get domesticated, bit@es!


  1. I’d like to comment that the chicken curry was yummy, but did not taste like chicken curry. It certainly did not make me think of delicious Indian meals. But if you’re looking for something new to do with those chicken breasts, it is tasty. He left out the “chicken flavored” rice because we avoid MSG, and instead we bought a flavorful Jasmine rice.

  2. hahaha. i feel like this is a bash-lindsay post…

    definitely sounds like a fun starter/experimental book, or at least a humorous read. may even provide a few laughs in the kitchen when i do, infact, fail.

    i’m awaiting my copy in the mail and will definitely have to gift this to future bride-friends!

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