Firest long run in a while

I woke up at around 7:45 today and rolled over. My wife looked at me and asked “Are you running today?”.

“Yeah”, I replied, “I should probably go now”.

“Whatever” she said sleepily.

“Before it gets too hot,” I clarified.

I finally convinced myself to get out of bed at around 8:15 and I was out the door at about 8:45. It was indeed hot and humid, so I just slowly pushed my way through the run. It was long and slow, but I guess that was really the point of this workout so it’s all good. I took my two planned walk/water breaks, and made it the full 9 miles, but it wasn’t very pleasant.

Actual workout

1 mile warmup

9 miles at 9:49 pace

1 mile cool down

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  1. I often have that same conversation with my wife. UUUGGHHHH!!!!! I better get up to run… uh-huhhhmrrfgh…. an hour later…. I thought you were going to run… uh-huhmrrfgh… snooze.

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