Feeling a little burnout.

I have to admit that it’s been pretty hard to do my morning workouts lately.  I slept extremely well last night, but still it was hard to get out of bed.  I managed to get myself out the door.  The plan was for a one mile warmup, 5.75 mile tempo run at 6:58 pace and a 1.25 mile cooldown.  It didn’t go so well.  It turned into more of a series of 1-2 mile intervals at marathon pace (low to mid 7’s).  I was disappointed that the workout didn’t go as planned, but comforted somewhat that I got the mileage in.

After work , I did 3 miles with Alice.  We threw in a few fartleks.  I’m trying to ease her into more formal speedwork.  I think this will be her last week at 16 miles.  I’ll move her up to 20 miles next week with a 5 mile long run.  Then, I’ll put in a couple of weeks of speedwork before a race in early May.  I think she’ll probably PR that race, which will be good for her confidence through the long summer of training.


  1. If you are feeling burned out, take a few days off. I know you will come back to running, but the few days off might help you remember why you LOVE running. It will also help get your mind refocused on running to have fun and enjoy it instead of constant training and worry!!!

  2. thank you again for the taper mantra… i keep repeating those words to myself and they have sunk in 🙂

    great job getting up even if you were feeling burned out. i have a hard time doing any speed work in the morning. sounds like it was still a good run even though it didnt go as planned. hopefully your spark comes back soon!

  3. @stangluvr That’s good advice, but I’m less than three weeks away from my final 5K race of the spring. After that, I have scheduled some time off, so I think I’m going to try to stick it out until then.

  4. burnout is not allowed brian. maybe take the rest of this week easy with no formal speed days? back when i actually ran in the am’s, some mornings were tough to be speedy on as scheduled. so maybe it’s just a little am sluggishness? or (can’t believe i’m saying this) hit the tm if it would help you do/complete the workout? you’re past 2 5k’s have been awesome – reflect back on those for motivation and drive to push even more.

  5. Oh, burnouts stink, don’t they? Let’s just be honest! I think I agree that speedwork in the morning would be a total drag, but obviously that has worked for you in the past. Maybe just stray from the training schedule one day and just do whatever you feel like, whether it be super slow or short and fast.

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