End of a fairly intense week

I think this week was the first week I’ve ever done with 3 “quality” workouts.  Add that to the strength training and one might expect me to have some cranky body parts.  Not one to disappoint, my left knee has been a little sore the last few days.  I first felt it Friday after about 4 miles on the treadmill.  It felt fine Saturday and I went out in the afternoon for my 3rd quality workout which was a series of 800 m intervals.  The intervals were planned as 800 m at my “I” pace (6:32 min/ mile) which translates to 800 m in 3:16 with 400 m jogging recoveries.  I ran a little over a mile of warmup at my easy pace, then hit the intervals as follows:

1)  800m in 3:10

2)  800m in 3:11

3)  800m in 3:20

4)  800m in 3:12

5)  800m in 3:10

So, I did pretty well except for the third interval which was (in my defense) into a headwind.  My Garmin also registered .51 miles for that interval so it was ever so slightly long.  During my cool down jog back home, the knee started to get cranky again.  It wasn’t bad at all and certainly I could have run several more miles on it, but I iced it just in case.  It’s been just a little tight all day today too so I’ll probably push my more intense speed work later into next week.  Next week includes only 2 quality workouts so that will help.  My total workout on Saturday was 6.5 miles in 50:40 making the week’s total 36 and 114 miles for January.


  1. you certainly made up for the 26.2 miles you didn’t run in disney. 🙂 sounds like you’ll be bumping up a vdot or two since these paces are all so easy for you!

    dear knee, get your act together. this is only the beginning.

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