Easy Intervals

I woke up this morning with a pain in my left knee. It was kind of scary because it was more or less the same pain I felt during the marathon in January. I went back and forth in my head about whether it was better to run on it today, or simply shut things down and rest until the race on Saturday. Before the marathon, I rested and had not run for a week before the marathon. It did no good and perhaps made things worse. Based on that and the fact that the pain was really quite mild (more of a pressure then a pain), I decided to run.

Once I got warmed up and running, the pain was gone completely. I ran the my 6 200 m intervals with little effort. Later in the day, I felt the pressure again, but no pain. Tomorrow’s 30 minute tempo run is my last scheduled workout before the race, so I should be okay.

Actual workout

5 minutes walking

5 minutes at 10:00 pace

6 200 m intervals at 5:00 pace with walking recovery

5 minutes cool down

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