Easy 8.5

I missed running the last 2 days because of some very mild soreness in my knees and some pretty severe rainstorms. I’m being overly cautious this year. I replotted a new route as flat as I could find in the area near my parents’ house.

The route worked out pretty well. There were a few spots where the road ran out of shoulder and I had to hoof it on some pretty soggy ground. While not really flat, the hills on this route tended to be long with gradual inclines rather than the short steep ones I’ve been running. I planned on 8 miles with a little variation in speed here and there. I felt pretty good after 8, so I turned up the speed for the final half mile back to the house. I ran that in roughly 3 minutes. There were no problems from the knees and the overall ease to the run was a good confidence builder for the race.

Yesterday the temp was up to almost 70 degrees, but that brought tornado warnings. Today was about 40 degrees at run time and it was pretty nice. I ran in my tights with a long sleeve shirt, my jacket, gloves and a wool cap. It was quite comfortable.

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  1. ok so…it was just 20 degrees and now it’s 70? stay warm and eat healthy so you don’t catch a cold from these extreme temperature changes. glad you had a safe and fun trip, and managed to get all your runs in. when traveling and visiting with friends/family, i always have an extra hard time get in all my mileage.

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