Double Digits

Since my run in North Miami Beach went so well two weeks ago, I decided to just head out the door and start my warmup.  The route I followed runs through a shaded neighborhood, a downtown park, up and down the St. Petersburg Pier, and ends near the downtown airport.

 I managed to get out of bed at about 7:15.  I was out the door at 7:45.  I finished my 1 mile warmup at 8:02.

 I start running and feel pretty good.  I’m running mostly downhill, cruising past homes and other people walking on the sidewalk.  I make a right turn and head into a shaded neighborhood.  I run through the twisting streets and jog across a bridge.  Making a left, I run along the water to a waterfront park.  I pass the two mile mark in about 19 minutes.  I’m getting tired as I run past a group of cyclists.  I jog through the park, trying to get to at least the 5K mark.  I make 3 miles and take a walk break.

After a quarter mile of walking, I start running again, with the goal of making the 5 mile point.  I make it another quarter mile before walking again.  I’m on the St. Petersburg Pier now.  I reach the end and start back down the other side.  I start running again.  This time, I make it three quarters of a mile, stopping at a fountain commemorating the 10 mile record set in 1997.   I dip my hat in the fountain and dump some water over my head.

I start running again, cross the street and run alongside the airport, finally reaching the halfway mark.  I turn and walk back to the fountain.  I dip my hat once again, then run my way to the 6 mile mark before walking again.  Back on the pier, I walk another quarter mile before jogging again.  This time, I make it to the 7 mile mark, but I’m spent.  I’ve dumped two hats full of water over my head, but I’ve yet to have anything to drink.  I thought there would be more drinking fountains in the park.  I walk for about a half mile and find a drinking fountain in the park.  It’s enough to rehydrate me a little, but my hands are pretty swollen and red.

I start running again at 7.5 miles.  I run to the 8 mile mark and walk again.  My plan is to do half mile repeats.  The run has turned into an interval workout….a very slow interval workout.  At 8.5 miles, I start running again and reach the 9 mile mark, back in the neighborhood.  The shade is very welcome.  I reach 9.5 miles and jog the rest of the way.  When I hit 10 miles, I’m barely able to walk straight.  I pull off my sweat soaked shirt and drape it over my head as I walk the mile back home.

 Planned workout

1 mile warmup

10 miles at 10:02 pace

1 mile cool down

Actual workout

1 mile warmup

10 miles at 12:44 pace

1 mile cooldown

The pace really sucked today.  After the great run I had two weeks ago, I was hoping to make it at least 5 miles before having to walk.  Still, I’m glad I finished the full 10 miles.  It will only make me stronger for next week.  I won’t have to run 10 miles again for another 7 weeks, when I’ll be well into the actual marathon plan.  Hopefully it will go better next time.

7 weeks down, 22 to go.


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