Decent threshold training

After Monday’s speed intervals and 5 easy miles coupled with full body strength training yesterday, the legs were a little sore this morning.  The weather was beautiful, though and I headed out for some threshold training.

Today’s plan was for three 1.5 mile intervals at threshold pace (7:10 min/mile) with 2 minute rests in between.  I ran a one mile warmup at my easy pace, then hit the first interval.  The first mile wasn’t bad, but the final half mile was pretty tough.  I finished the interval in 10:16 (6:52 min/mile).  I walked for 2:11 then started into the second interval.  The second one was tougher and I ran into a few traffic stops.  I finished it in 10:57 (7:17 min/mile).  I walked for 2:23, then hit the final interval.  With one short stop for traffic, I finished this one in 10:51 (7:13 min/mile).  I walked for 2:22 then ran a cool down mile at my easy pace for a total of 7 miles.

For the most part, I ran faster than my prescribed threshold pace.  I did fall off the pace a little in the second interval, but most of the blame for missing my time in the second two intervals goes to the traffic stops.  I guess I need to find a better route for these types of intervals.  Although, the stops were welcome I will admit.


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