Cranking it Up a Notch

First things first:
1) Apologies to Bret for spelling his name wrong in the last post.
2) Congratulations to my daughter, Alice, for her PR 22:13 5K performance on Tuesday – also her first varsity ribbon with an 8th place finish in the meet.
3) Congratulations to Ragnar teammate, Bryan for his 4:08 PR performance in the Chicago marathon.
4) Big congratulations to sometimes running partner,Drew, for his PR 2:45:51 performance in the Portland marathon (17th overall)….someday maybe I’ll be able to keep up with you in a training run again!

On my end, I’m feeling pretty good and I put in a pretty solid week:

Monday: 6.5 miles easy (finished with 4 50-100 m strides)
Tuesday: 4 miles + lower and core strength training
Wednesday AM: 6 miles easy
Wednesday PM: 4 miles easy
Thursday: 4 miles + upper and core strength training
Friday: 6.5 miles easy (finished with 6 50-100 m strides)
Saturday: 10 miles easy
Sunday: 30 mins stationary bike
Total: 41 miles

Next week will probably be similar. I still don’t have any formal speedwork, but I’m putting in some fast miles in the middle of my 6 mile runs and finishing them off with 50-100 m strides at sub 6 minute mile pace. I’m 20 weeks from the Gasparilla half marathon, so I’ll probably put the formal speedwork into the routine once I’m 18 weeks out.

The weather cooled down tremendously last week and I’ve really been craving the morning runs. I’ve even been running to and from the gym on strength training days instead of warming up on the treadmill – although I’ll admit the run home from the gym on the leg strength day really, really sucked.

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