Posted on 17-10-2017
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My first home computer was a TI-99/4A. I enjoyed playing Adventure, Tunnels of Doom, Munchman, Car Wars, Alpiner and many other games for many years on this little machine. As a youth, it was these games that inspired me to embark upon the quest of developing my own game. I’m not sure how many kids asked for the TI extended basic cartridge for Christmas, but I did. That allowed me to make the ultra cool speech synthesizer say whatever I wanted it to.

World of Warcraft: Classic is the original World of Warcraft, right up until just before the launch of the Burning Crusade expansion. Also called “Vanilla”, Blizzard Entertainment has announced plans to open at least one server for those interested in going back and experiencing days of yore! It will be available on August 27, 2019. WoW Classic is at the Shadow of the Necropolis patch. If you are raiding, check Gold4Vanilla for wow gold in NW Coin.

From there, I was off to the races. In an effort to make an Olympics style sports game, I wrote letters to several different embassies requesting sheet music for their national anthems. Most of them complied. Unfortunately, Epyx beat me to the punch with it’s successful series of Summer Games, Summer Games II, Winter Games, World Games and California Games.

That experience, however, helped me learn algebra at a very early age and gave me the logic and problem solving skills that are now a huge part of who I am.

What did I miss out on?

Well, while I was busy trying to make my own game, many of my friends were playing some pretty cool games on the Atari 2600 and later the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. I was so jealous of them and they were probably so bored of me always wanting to play Castlevania or Excitebike every time I was over at their houses.

Fortunately, I have rectified that situation 30 years later. I built a retropie with my raspberry pi 3. It was so easy to build that just about anyone can do it. I wrote a step by step tutorial to help those who aren’t software engineers out. The result is a system that plugs right into my TV and lets me play hundreds of classic video games from the Atari 2600 to the classic Nintendo Entertainment system and even other consoles like the Sega Genesis, Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 – all for less than $100.

When I don’t have the time to play games, I just watch cosplayer and streamer swimsuit succubus on twitch. I’ll admit that my standards for video games are a little higher now, but it’s pretty awesome to revisit these old classics. For the latest and biggest updates on your favorite video games, check out GameMite.

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