New pacing

I’m pretty much through the Jack Daniels running book and I’m beginning to work out the periodization plan tha twill take me through the summer, the Race for the Taste 10K and ultimately the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. My pacing for the various types of runs is based on my most recent 5K time… Continue reading New pacing

Nice (stationary) bike ride and strength training

I”m late posting this, so I’m keeping it short and sweet. I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike at 23.1 MPH, and then a very nice full body workout. I even knocked out 2 sets of the decline press at 200 lbs….fairly nice considering I only weigh 140 lbs.

Added core work

Today, I hit the bike for a solid 20 minutes and then went down to the weights and put in about an hour of strength training. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, so I”ll probably be pretty sore in the morning. I focused a little more on my core, adding in side planks… Continue reading Added core work

3 easy miles

Into my second week, my 3 easy miles started out tough, but I got into a groove and finished strong. Then, I hit the weights for a nice full body workout Actual workout 5 minutes warmup 3 miles at 8:34 pace 5 minutes cool down