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Research: Interracial marriages involving Asian-Americans still can keep racial obstacles

LAWRENCE — A University of Kansas researcher states the rate that is high of marriages among Asian-Americans must not merely be interpreted being a litmus test of assimilation for the minority team.

Second-generation Asian-Americans who marry white Us americans are not necessarily in a position to transcend racial obstacles without dilemmas, and their biracial kids face equivalent hurdles, said Kelly H. Chong, a connect teacher of sociology whom authored the analysis “Relevance of Race: kiddies as well as the Shifting Engagement with Racial/Ethnic Identity among Second-Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans,” posted recently into the Journal of Asian American Studies.

“with all the multicultural environment that has emerged within the last few few years which includes managed to make it easier and managed to make it more stylish to be varied, we currently celebrate variety, to ensure is important,” Chong stated. “But even for Asian-Americans whom think when you look at the basic multicultural framework, they realize that in their real everyday lives it is extremely burdensome for them to simply merge through intermarriage and on occasion even with regards to their kids that are biracial.”

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