The Chimney Tops

This week, I’ve been hanging out with the family in a nice home up in the Smoky Mountains outside of Gatlinburg, TN. I haven’t been running at all. The neighborhood streets are very narrow, very steep and very curvy. Alice and I decided it was much too dangerous to run on them…or maybe that’s just… Continue reading The Chimney Tops


Lately, I’ve been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers on the recommendation of the headmaster of Alice and Wendy’s school.  It’s an interesting read with some pretty interesting studies on the factors that go into success.  In many cases, those factors might be initially unexpected (such as being born early in the year makes you a better… Continue reading Outliers

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Back in the day…

It’s been another stressful week at work.  I had a difficult “easy” run this morning that was supposed to be 6 miles, but wound up being only 4 miles.  Richie ran 16 this morning and was a little disappointed at not getting a full 20, so he hit me up for 4.  That was good… Continue reading Back in the day…

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Again to Carthage

I really enjoyed John L. Parker Jr’s Once a Runner so I eagerly requested the sequel, Again to Carthage from my local library.  I guess with such high expectations I set myself up for disappointment.  I don’t want to say that the book was bad.  It certainly had its moments – for example, when Cassidy… Continue reading Again to Carthage

The independently wealthy runner

Yesterday, Jess had an interesting post daydreaming about life as an independently wealthy runner.  She laid out her typical day.  I’ll confess that I think about this very thing from time to time.  Here’s what I’d do: 1)  Wake up and start a run before sunrise 2)  Stretch 3)  Eat breakfast 4)  Shower 5)  Go… Continue reading The independently wealthy runner

Nighttime run

Yesterday was hot, but I didn’t have any outdoor workouts scheduled.  Still, I had a lot of meetings around town and I ended up doing a lot of walking around in the heat.  The rest of family was out for the evening doing various things, so I had the place to myself.  After running many… Continue reading Nighttime run

Duel in the Sun

Hey, it’s two weeks in a row! It’s amazing what some time at the beach and time away from running can do for one’s ability to read. Well, I suppose that’s misleading. It’s not like if you’re illiterate, you can take some time off from running and hang out at the beach and hope to… Continue reading Duel in the Sun

Once a Runner

I’ve never participated in Literary Wednesday and I’m so glad to be able to this week.  When I received the most recent issue of Runners World, I was intrigued to find out that there was actually a fictional novel about running.  I’ve read instructional books and non fiction, but a novel?  Now that’s cool.  I… Continue reading Once a Runner

Races on schedule

Two posts in one day?  I’m feeling very much like Jess today.  As many of you know, my ultimate goal in training for the next year or so is the 2010 Gasparilla marathon.  Well, today I just received the official date – February 21, 2010.  So, my racing schedule for the next year is starting… Continue reading Races on schedule