Catching Up

I’ve been slacking a lot lately on my blogging, but I’ve definitely kept up on my running. In fact, I hit nine days in a row today – anew record for me. I’ve been averaging around 23 miles per week over 5 workouts for the last 3 weeks, so I’m going to try to up my mileage by 5 miles this week. It should be pretty easy to hit since I’ve been running 2 miles every other evening with my 11 year old daughter. She’s starting cross country in the fall.

So, that means two runs a day on some days, but 2 miles at roughly 12 minute mile pace is pretty easy for me. It actually helps clear some of the stiffness from the morning run. I am feeling a little discomfort in my right knee when I’m not running, so I’ll have to stay attuned to that. I’ll probably give myself the 4th of July off.

My “official” 24 week half marathon program starts in the end of July. The first few weeks aren’t too much different than what I’m doing now, though. It’s mostly moderate distance easy runs to build up a base. My legs are kind of longing for some speedier runs right now, but I’m sure when I get to the tempo and interval workouts, I’ll be wishing for the easy runs again.

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