Another week, another 48 miles

Today marked Alice’s longest run to date (and my longest run since the Walt Disney World half marathon). Alice’s first pair of running shoes lasted through cross country season and track season, but she’s been asking for a new pair for several weeks. So, I promised her a trip to the running store if she could get through 4 miles without walking. After the 3 mile mark, she was definitely tired, but she kept going. She really wanted a new pair of running shoes. She made the distance without walking.

I have to say that I planned the run perfectly and we hit the 4 mile mark right in front of our house. I quickly unlocked the door for her and let her in, then scurried back to the street for another 8 miles. It was a hot day and I struggled after about 9 miles. I took a quarter mile walk break at the 10 mile mark, then made it pretty well until about 11.5 miles where I had to briefly walk up a “hill”. Not perfect, but better than last week’s 10.5 mile disaster. I completed a total of 48 miles this week:

Monday AM: 4×1200 m at I pace = 7 miles total
Monday PM: 3 miles Easy
Tuesday AM: 6 miles bike + full body strength
Tuesday PM: 3 miles easy
Wednesday AM: 2.5 miles T pace + 0.5 miles E pace + 2 miles T pace + .5 miles E pace + .5 miles T pace + .25 miles rest + .75 miles T pace + .25 miles rest + .75 miles E pace = 10 miles total
Wednesday PM: 3 miles Easy
Thursday AM: 6 miles bike + upper & lower strength
Thursday PM: 3 miles easy
Friday AM: 6 miles bike + core strength
Saturday: 9 x 400 m R pace with 400 m jogs = 7 miles total
Sunday: 12 miles Easy

The quality workouts were pretty good, but not great. Overall, it was a good first week of two-a-days, though. The next two weeks are race weeks, so I”m dialing the mileage back to 36 miles per week, though I”ll still be running with Alice in the afternoons. With any luck, my 5K PR will be below 20 minutes this time next week.

We did indeed hit the running store and Alice switched out her old pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires for the Brooks Glycerin.


  1. man tough coach! you know how important a good pair of shoes are for a runner!

    thanks for the reminder that i (still) need to find a 5k and hopefully provide competition for you.

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