Another nice Wednesday

Yesterday, my run with Alice got rained out.  Actually, we were going to run in the rain but on the way to the park, we saw some wicked lightening, so we decided to call it.  I was slow to get out of bed this morning, but managed to roll out.  The plan called for a fun set of intervals:  4×1000 m at T pace (6:51 min/mile or 4:14) + 6×200 m at R pace (5:45 min/mile or 43 s) + 2 mile acceleration run.  Here’s how it went:

1000 m in 4:07

1000 m in 4:02

1000 m in 4:14

1000 m in 4:02

200 m in 41 s

200 m in 43 s

200 m in 44 s

200 m in 42 s

200 m in 42 s

200 m in 39 s

2 miles in 14:30

It went very well.  It was interesting to keep switching things up.  That made it a little easier.  The 2 mile acceleration run involved starting at 7:30 min/mile and increasing the pace by 5 sec/mile every 400 m (like I have that kind of control).  I pulled it off all right.  I was faster than I should have been at some points and slower at other points.  Overall, I think I ran in the spirit of the plan.  The full workout was 9 miles in 1:11:06.

My run with Alice this afternoon went well too.  I was tired, of course, but it was an easy run and I think it was good to shake out the soreness from the morning run.


  1. THey Brian, thanks for the nice comment…you always seem to look on the bright side of things. I appreciate that!

    By the looks of your post, the weather has been crazy all over. I like the mixing it up at the end of the workout..throwing in that 2-miler at the end.

  2. fun? intervals? not so sure about that. 😉 the varying doesn’t sound too bad though – better than 2x10x200 that’s for sure. the acceleration miles sound interesting, but i would only be able to increase 5 seconds if i was on a tm myself.

  3. Glad you made out ok– the bourbon always helps!! 🙂 Thanks again for checking out my blog– that was great to see, you’re an inspiration!

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