A very nice six

I got out of bed a little earlier than usual and headed out the door for a 6 miler. I planned out a new route for today’s run since my normal route is part of the St. Anthony’s Triathlon this weekend and is thus inaccessible without an official number.

Anyway, the route was mostly through various waterfront neighborhoods. Nothing incredibly interesting (the view of the water was most blocked by houses save the occasional bridge), so I just relaxed and enjoyed the sound of the birds and the fresh air. I ran along at a pretty steady pace and didn’t stop running except for traffic once or twice.

Actual workout

1 mile warmup

6 miles at 8:47 pace

1 mile cool down

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  1. Sounds like an enjoyable run. Spring has finally sprung here and I couldn’t be happier. The white stuff is finally gone and has been replaced with so much color, it’s amazing. I have been running lately without my iPod too. I rather enjoy hearing the birds instead. 🙂

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