A Tale of Two Speed workouts

Tuesday’s speed workout was just the type I hate: Fairly fast intervals with little recovery.  I converted the Jack Daniels times at 6:00 min/mile pace to distances, which makes the intervals easier for me.  I like to have a target to aim at.  So, the workout was 7x(600 m I pace + 200 m jog + 300 m I pace + 100 m jog + 150 m I pace) where I pace is 6:00 min/mile.

It went really well.  I hit my pace on all of the intervals and typically sprinted the 150’s.  The last 4 sets were tough, but I resisted the urge to walk the recoveries and pulled it out.  In all, the workout was 10 miles and I was proud of my performance.

Today called for 3 sets of 1.5 miles at threshold pace (6:45 min/mile).  It doesn’t seem that intimidating, but the threshold pace runs own me.  I got through the first interval at 6:42 pace.  Then, I only lasted about 0.3 miles on the second interval before walking.  I convinced myself to whip out another 1200 m at 6:41 pace, but after that I was toast.  There are some days I’d like to stop and walk.  Today, I wanted to curl up under a tree and go to sleep.

I was so dead that getting back home from the park at 10:00 min/mile pace required a few walk breaks.  My head was foggy and my ears were clogged for hours afterward.  I felt like I had just gotten off a red-eye from Vegas after a night of slamming shots at the bar.

I felt better in the afternoon, but convinced myself to skip the afternoon 4 miler.  Tomorrow, I’ve got 2 easy 3 milers before my Saturday morning 16 miler.  If I complete those, it will still be a weekly mileage PR.


  1. i find that it’s easier for me to stick out an interval/tough workout if i don’t succumb to walking the breaks. i might be very very lightly jogging/bouncing, but it keeps me going.

    nice job on tuesday’s run and at least you gave thursday a shot? threshold is the devil! hope you’re feeling better.

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