A Quality run at last

I haven’t really run fast since the Race for the Taste 10K. I haven’t felt too bad about that. I thought it was a good race and I had some injury stuff to work through and heck that marathon is a whole 17 weeks away.

I did 7 miles with Richie yesterday and felt pretty good, though my cardio fitness seemed a little off. After 5 days cold turkey with little to no exercise, I just wrote it off to rust. The foot held up well and that was the important part. During the day at work, I started to feel the beginnings of the tendinitis, but it was hard to tell if it was really coming back or if I was just thinking about it too much. I decided to be overly cautious and skip my afternoon run. As soon as I removed my shoes and put on my slippers, the inkling of tendinitis was gone.

This morning, I woke up groggy and wanting to stay in bed but I headed over to the park for my first quality run of the week. The plan called for 2 miles easy + 3 miles Threshold pace + 2 miles easy. Here’s how it went:

2 miles in 16:02 (8:01 pace)
3 miles in 19:46 (6:34 pace)
2 miles in 18:48 (9:26 pace)

The third mile at threshold pace seemed harder than it should have considering I ran 6.2 miles at basically the same pace two weeks ago. Really, my threshold pace is more like 6:45, though so I’m happy I completed the workout a little faster than planned. The final 2 miles were more of a cool down with a couple of water breaks worked in.

It was pouring rain when I got home from work today, so I skipped my afternoon workout again. My legs are a little sore from this morning’s workout, but I’ve got about 30-35 minutes of pretty easy running with Richie in the morning (he’s in full taper mode for NYC), so that should help flush things out. The tendinitis has not reared it’s ugly head and the corns/warts are healing pretty nicely so hopefully my feet are out of the woods.

It feels good to be back in the swing of things, but Thursday’s quality run will be tougher I think.


  1. Glad the tendinitis seems to be better! Keeping the fingers crossed! Its been raining here too – at least its not snow! lol

  2. i think threshold pace feels easier in race because of the atmosphere and competition, but that could just be me. running 7:11’s in the disney half was not as hard as trying to run 7:20’s (ish) throughout this current training period!

    also, no wonder it felt hard. you were freakin 10 secs below pace! 😉

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