A Pain Free run

Well, I’m back in the saddle….or rather back out of the saddle, considering all the time I’ve been spending on the stationary bike. I was nervous this morning before my workout:

Planned workout

10 minutes warmup on the stationary bike

2 miles running

5 minutes cool down

Actual workout

10 minutes warmup on stationary bike

2 miles running at 8:50 pace

.25 miles cool down

I ran the first mile at 9:14. I felt good, so i upped the speed for the second mile. I thought I might have felt a little pressure on the outside bottom of my foot, but I’ve been so paranoid about it lately that I may have just been over thinking of it. In any case, I didn’t really feel anything for the rest of the day afterwards. I’m not completely sold that I’m 100% healed but today was a very positive step in the right direction. I’ll take another 2 days off from running and try 6 miles on Saturday.

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