A look at the marathon

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite a while. We met up with some conference buddies at Walt Disney World on Friday for the EPCOT Food and Wine festival. We arrived on Friday morning and checked into the All-Star Music resort. Luckily, our room was ready. So, we dumped our stuff and met up with the gang at the Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom. After some fun there, we took the monorail over to EPCOT, grabbed some margaritas, then walked over to the Germany pavilion for an 8:30 dinner reservation at the Biergarten.

The food was good and I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Riesling. On the way back to the park entrance, we caught rides on the Maelstrom in Norway, the Gran Tour with the 3 caballeros in Mexico and Test Track. We left the park just before midnight and my head didn’t hit the pillow until almost 1 am.

Somehow, I managed to roll out of bed at 6 for a run. I left the room into the darkness. The air was cool, but humid. I walked over to the All-Star Movie resort as a warmup, then started my run.

It’s a little weird running past the All-Star resorts in the dark. Already, there is a lot of bus activity as people head to the airport for early flights. The theme park traffic hasn’t quite started to stir, but I know I’ll run into some of it before I’m finished. I cruise past the All-Star Movie resort, not 100% sure where my route will take me today. I’ve noticed a sidewalk that runs from the All-Star resorts all the way to the Coronado Springs resort, but I have no idea how long it is. I pass the All-Star Music resort, the All-Star Sports resort and the All-Star resorts’ security gate just before hitting the 1 mile mark in 10:11. My goal for the run is 10 minute miles. I can definitely feel the wine from the night before, but my legs are starting to fall into a rhythm and I let them go.

I cross the street and cruise past McDonalds. I cross briefly under the marathon route. Above me passes a portion of the 20th mile. I wonder how I’ll feel when I’m running that in January. The incline up the overpass might feel like a mountain. I round a corner, past the Blizzard Beach water park. They are testing the sound system, and telling the imaginary guests to please gather all of their belongings and immediately exit the park. I light mist has begun to all and the voice seems strangely eerie. I pass the 2 mile mark in an additional 10:02. Basically right on pace.

Shortly after the 2 mile mark, I reach the Coronado Springs resort. Unfortunately, the distance was not as far as I had hoped. I turn around, mulling in my head how to handle this. Traveling back to the All-Star resorts involves crossing traffic twice. I do some quick math and decide to run back to the overpass, the turn around and run back to Coronado Springs. I run th 3rd mile in 9:38.

The sun is starting to peak out over the horizon as I reach the overpass and turn again. I pass back by Blizzard Beach. The sound system is no longer being tested and I imagine they’re preparing the park for the day’s guests. I run the 4th mile in 9:46.

I reach Coronado Springs again and head back toward the All-Stars. The sky has brightened, but only a little bit. It is a grey morning and the mist turns into a light rain. Fortunately, my body is pretty warmed up, so the rain doesn’t effect me too much. It stops after a few minutes. I’ve run the 5th mile in 9:10.

I run back under the overpass, and past McDonalds. The morning cleaning crew is waiting to cross the street from their parking lot to the All-Star resorts. I wait briefly with them, then run across the street when the signal changes. I run past the security booth, completing the 6th mile in 9:08.

Knowing that I will not reach my goal distance if I run straight past the All-Star resorts, I make a right turn into the All-Star Sports resort. People are beginning to awaken and I encounter quite a few making their way back from the food court with trays full of pancakes, bacon, and waffles. Some families make their way to the bus stop decked out in their rain ponchos. I meander through the All-Star Sports resort and then cross the parking lot to the All-Star Music resort. I run through the Rock and Roll section, past the Country Fair buildings and into the Jazz section. I’ve got about a half mile to go. The heavens open up. The rain is pouring down and I slog past the Calypso building, across another parking lot and into the All-Star Movies resort. I run through the Mighty Ducks section and the 101 dalmations buildings. I make a right turn at the Fantasia pool. There are several families quickly making their way through the rain. Poncho use is rampant. I run past the Fantasia buildings. I’m soaked from head to toe, but I’m still quite warm. I run to the Herbie the Love Bug section, make a lap around the Winner’s Circle and head back toward the Fantasia pool. Near the main building, I hit 7 miles. I’ve run the 7th mile in 8:52 and the whole training run in 66:49.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

7 miles at 10:00 pace

8 minutes cool down

Actual workout

8 minutes warmup

7 miles at 9:32 pace

8 minutes cooldown

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