A little adjustment to the new pace

Today’s plan called for 9 miles worth of speedwork to round out a 48 mile week.  It was a repeat of a workout I did quite well a few weeks ago, although all the intervals are now at the new fast paces that are still a bit of a struggle for me.  As planned, the workout was 4x1000m in 3:51, 6x200m in 0:42, followed by a 2 mile “acceleration run”.

I felt pretty good on my warmup mile comfortably completing it in 8:09 and went right into my 1000 m intervals:

1000 m in 3:49

1000 m in 3:53

1000 m in 4:02

400 m in 1:45 –>at least I completed 3 this time (though I only hit the time on the first one).

I walked for about 600 m, then upped to a jog before hitting the 200 m intervals:

200 m in 0:34

200 m in 0:41

200 m in 0:40

200 m in 0:41

200 m in 0:40

200 m in 0:39

I wasn’t quite able to hold onto a jog in between the 200 m intervals, so I walked to catch my breath, then jogged the rest of the way.  I gave up on the acceleration run at the end and just finished off with 3 easy miles to round out the 9 mile run.  It was pretty hot and windy and I was pretty dehydrated.  Not the greatest workout, but I got through it.  Only one more speed workout left before the end of my 5K “season”!  I’m really looking forward to just piling on some easy miles for a while.


  1. I have found that jogging between intervals makes the workout so much harder! Great job on the workout!

  2. I hope to be able to string together a few good 5k and 10k races over the summer. My 1st 5k of this year is May 16th here in my hometown. Then Memorial Day is my 1st ever 10k race.

  3. You’re always so good at those 200s. I can’t believe your 5K “season” is coming to an end. I feel like mine is just beginning! But of course you are on to bigger and better things 🙂

  4. still looks like another good workout! i think those paces are supposed to be hard anyway. good luck in your last 5k. don’t forget to mail me your old 19:47 or whatever 😉

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