A few cautious runs

I’m not even going to recap last week, it was so pathetic. I had only one run. It was Saturday. It was 3.5 miles and it was encouraging. I ran it with a knee brace and things went well until about 1.5 miles when I felt a little tightness in my left knee. It wasn’t pain. Just tightness. So, I stretched and removed the knee brace for about a half mile. Nothing got much worse, so I put the knee brace back on and finished off the run.

I took Sunday off.

Monday, I went out for a 4 mile run with the knee brace in my hand. I made it the whole way, though some tightness set in at around 2 miles. On Tuesday, I headed out with Richie. We went about 4.5 miles at 8:15 pace. The tightness kicked in at about 2 miles again.

Today, I headed out with the intention of doing 6-8 miles. I felt great through 3 miles and just felt a little bit of tightness here and there after that. I was getting below 8 min/mile pace several times, but I’m still lacking any kind of “explosive” acceleration. I got 7 miles and felt pretty good about it. I’ve got an off day with a trip to the chiropractor tomorrow and then I just have to run across the state of Florida. The course changed, so I’m runner #7 now.


  1. Dude- Sorry to hear about your knee. Good luck with the Chiropractor– I am sure everything will work out.

    I just checked out the website for your “run across Florida” How cool– WHat does “hard’ and “Very Hard” mean? What pace?

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