A Family Run

Today was parent conference day, so the kids were both off school.  The oldest daughter wants to run the Disney Family 5K in 2009, so she’s been eager to get a training run in.  The whole family headed off to the park.  We started our first mile off slowly (9:30 pace).  About halfway through, she lost contact with me and I kept looking back.  She was further and further behind every time I looked.  When I passed the 1 mile mark, I knew I needed to speed up to hit my goal pace, so I turned around and told her to find her mom and sister who were walking around the park.

I sped up and completed my last two miles at a pretty quick pace.

Planned workout

8 minutes warmup

3 miles at 9:00 pace

5 minutes cool down

Actual Workout

8 minutes warmup

3 miles at 8:45 pace

10 minutes cool down

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