50 miles per week and I’m still alive

Well, I’ve completed my first week at 51 miles and I haven’t spontaneously combusted. I’m 2 days into my second week at that level and have already completed 22.5 miles in only two days. My right shin/calf are still sore and I’m starting to think it might have to do with the shoes. I’m currently wearing Mizuno Wave Inspire 4’s. These were a change back in August from the Adidas Supernova 10. Since I’ve got about 400 miles on the Mizunos now, I went looking for the same model online. I found the blue version at roadrunnersports.com on sale with free shipping. I was going to order a pair, but when I read the review, I found a lot of complaints about shin splints. It made me think twice, and I may head back to the local running store to switch back to the Adidas Supernova.

This weekend, I’m headed back to Epcot for the food and wine festival. This time, I’m going to truly experience the food and wine without the running. That’s why I’m cramming most of my running into the rest of the week. I plan on having lots of fun this weekend.


  1. 50 miles wow, I am at four. Yup, four. but it is four without joint pain. Which was a major concern. I recently got a pair of Mizunos waverider 11s I hate them. It was advertised to me as a cushioning/support shoe. Totally isn’t. Felt like crap and gave me blisters on top of my feet. How does that happen?

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