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I hit the treadmill again today. I think it may be the first time I’ve ever run on consecutive days. I felt pretty tired – possibly from the two strong margaritas I had last night.

Planned workout

.5 miles warmup

3 miles at 9:15 pace

5 minutes cool down

Actual workout

.5 miles warmup

3 miles at 9:20 pace

5 minutes cool down

I developed a stitch about 2 minutes in, but this time I was able to work it out while running. I managed to run 2 miles at 9:15 pace before taking a 1 minute walk break. Then, I ran the rest of the way, speeding up toward the end. My left foot felt pretty good the whole way. I developed a small amount of pain on the top of the foot during the cool down walk, but I’d say it was definately less than what I felt yesterday. There was a little bit of pain on my right knee cap during and after the run. I’ve felt that before and it’s usually a temporary thing, so hopefully that will be true in this case.

I’ve got three more miles tomorrow before a two day break from running. So far, so good.

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