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Another Week in the Books

The first “quality” week of training for the Gasparilla half marathon is in the books and it went pretty well.  I was tired on the days I figured I’d be tired and I skipped one workout, but still managed 41 … Continue reading

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The First Speed Session

As predicted, the enthusiasm I had last night for my upcoming speed session faded dramatically overnight and I woke none too excited about heading to the park for some fast laps around the lake.  I still managed to drag myself … Continue reading

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The Mega Recovery Week

I planned last week as a recovery week and I got a little bit more than I bargained for.  I slept horribly on Sunday and Monday nights, so I woke up on Monday and Tuesday mornings feeling like absolute poo.  … Continue reading

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Very Minimalist Running

This weekend, the Tampa Lululemon showroom turned 3 years old and the “Bare it All Birthday Bash” was held in celebration.  The event included a 5K run with bootcamp stations followed by yoga in the park across the street.  The … Continue reading

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Minimalist Running

I spoke briefly of my foray into barefoot running back in March.  Actually, it was one of my most popular posts.  Clearly the somewhat controversial topic motivates people to comment.  In any case, I haven’t really given up on the … Continue reading

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The Weekly Recap

Thanks to everyone for the notes about the beginner’s guide. If anyone is interested, I’d like to run it by a few people for feedback before it’s published. Just let me know! On the running front, it was another solid … Continue reading

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Taking a walk

During the past few weeks, I’ve been conducting research for a comprehensive guide to running for beginners. Since my primary source of information has been the local library, I’ve been delving into texts that feature way too many pictures of … Continue reading

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Cranking it Up a Notch

First things first: 1) Apologies to Bret for spelling his name wrong in the last post. 2) Congratulations to my daughter, Alice, for her PR 22:13 5K performance on Tuesday – also her first varsity ribbon with an 8th place … Continue reading

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2010 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 10K

Finally, a race to write about!  The goal for this year’s Race for the Cure was simply to put up a time from which I can base my training paces over the next 20 or so weeks as I train … Continue reading

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