Posted on 27-09-2010
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In the literal context, it’s the shower curtain rod.  That’s where I hang my hats to dry after I’ve hand washed them in the bathroom sink.  In the figurative context, I’m referring the mileage I put in this week.  Here’s how it shook out:

Monday: 6 miles easy

Tuesday: 3 miles easy

Wednesday AM: 6 miles easy

Wednesday PM: 3 miles 7:20 min/mile pace

Thursday: 3 miles easy

Friday: 4 miles easy

Saturday: 10 miles

Total: 35 miles

35 miles ain’t too shabby, albeit with the total loss of strength training workouts.  Wednesday evening’s speedwork was a bit of an accident.  I showed up at the park to run with Meredith, but she pulled a switcharoo on me.  She was feeling sick and did not want to run, but she introduced me to Ben, a member of her Ragnar team.  Ben and I ran with Britt for about a half mile before kicking it up into a torrential downpour.  It’s apparently been a long time since Ben ran “just 3 miles” and he was feeling a bit uppety in the pace department.  I have to admit that I showed up expecting a little 3 mile shake out run with Meredith and Scott, but I’m happy to say that I held up quite well to the faster pace.  In fact, the third mile was completed in 7:10 and I felt like I had at least one more mile at that pace in me.

This week, I’ll be skipping the weights again and my mileage will be down because I’m running a 10K on Saturday.  I’m very confident I’ll be under 45 minutes and might even flirt with my time from the same raced last year (42:xx).  I think a PR is probably out of the question, though.  This more or less marks the end of “base building”.  Once I’ve got the 10K race time under my belt, I’ll have an established VDOT and that means I can’t use “I don’t know what pace to run” as an excuse for not doing speed work anymore.

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Posted on 22-09-2010
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If you’d like to run the New York City marathon, but failed to qualify or didn’t hit the lottery, the Fresh Air Fund is actively recruiting runners to join their team of “fund racers”.  The only have until September 30th to register their racers, so they’re looking to fill their spots quickly.  For more information, please email, call (212) 897-8890 or visit them on the web at

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund, a not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer experiences in the country to more than 1.7 million New York City children from disadvantaged communities.  Each year, thousands of children visit volunteer host families in 13 states and Canada through the Friendly Town Program or attend one of five Fresh Air Fund camps.

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Posted on 19-09-2010
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When we first got the Netflix for the Wii CD, I went through the Netflix catalog and searched for all the inspirational running movies I could find.  A few, like Spirit of the Marathon were available to stream on demand, but others like Without Limits had to be added to our DVD queue.  Since we only get one DVD at a time and we usually manage only one family movie night a weekend, Without Limits kept getting pushed down the queue for movies the whole family could agree on.  After Raffi sent Kick Ass back to the Netflix warehouse, she forgot to check the queue.  What was at the top?

Without Limits.

She was pleasantly surprised.  Without Limits is the story of Steve “Pre” Prefontaine, one of America’s most talented distance runners in the early 1970’s who was tragically killed in an automobile accident in his prime.  While there’s plenty of running in the movie, there’s also some history, life lessons, love, acrobatic sex and several memorable quotes.  The story is entertaining as well as inspiring and it holds its own even for the non-runner crowd.  I highly recommend it.

As for me, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve checked in.  Things are going pretty well.  I’ve officially signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 10K on October 2nd, so we’ll finally get some idea of where I’m at speed-wise.  I doubt I’ll break my 41:02 PR, but I should still finish under 45 minutes.

This week was kind of an “off week” training wise.  I’ve been tired all week and actually took naps at work a few days.  Those helped big time and I was quite productive, but my running did take a hit.  Here’s how it went:

Monday: 3 miles easy treadmill + upper body strength training

Tuesday: 6 miles easy

Wednesday AM: 30 minutes stationary bike + core strength training

Wednesday PM: 3 “fast”ish miles (23:10)

Thursday: 6 miles easy

Friday: 2 miles easy + bonk and walk home

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 1.5 miles easy shakeout with Alice

Total: 21.5

Also congrats to my daughter Alice who ran a PR 22:54 5K  in her first cross country meet of the season.

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Posted on 02-09-2010
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I know it’s not your fault that I was attacked by a dog when I was six and I know that dog was probably just trying to play with me when it scratched the heck out of my face, but I’ve got a deep rooted negative opinion of you that probably isn’t going to change anytime soon.  I can be rational.  I’m willing to work with you.  I understand your need to protect your territory.  You stay in your yard and I’ll cross the street.  I’m just running by.  I don’t want to hurt you, or your favorite human or defile your property in any way.

Just be aware that I’m making every effort to signal to you that I mean you no harm.  So when you bolt out of your yard, cross the street and nip at my heels, I will run your furry ass into the ground.  You’re not going to win that.  If you haven’t caught me and dragged me down in the first 50 meters, it’s never going to happen.  This is Florida.  It’s hot.  You don’t sweat and you’re covered in fur.  You’re supposed to hunt in packs anyway.  So if you’re left panting in the middle of the street and you can’t find your way home, it’s not my fault.  You just made me do a fartlek and that will make me even faster next time.

So if you see me running by, just stay put.  A friendly bark and a wag of the tail might even get you a wave.  Just don’t chase me.  It’s not good for either of us.



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