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Something to Hang My Hat On

In the literal context, it’s the shower curtain rod.  That’s where I hang my hats to dry after I’ve hand washed them in the bathroom sink.  In the figurative context, I’m referring the mileage I put in this week.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Looking to Get into the New York City Marathon?

If you’d like to run the New York City marathon, but failed to qualify or didn’t hit the lottery, the Fresh Air Fund is actively recruiting runners to join their team of “fund racers”.  The only have until September 30th … Continue reading

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Without Limits

When we first got the Netflix for the Wii CD, I went through the Netflix catalog and searched for all the inspirational running movies I could find.  A few, like Spirit of the Marathon were available to stream on demand, … Continue reading

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An open letter to dogs everywhere

I know it’s not your fault that I was attacked by a dog when I was six and I know that dog was probably just trying to play with me when it scratched the heck out of my face, but … Continue reading

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