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Running Recap: Week of 12/14/2009 – 12/20/2009

With holidays travels looming at the end of the week, the beginning of this week was jam packed with mileage.  It was definitely the toughest week I’ve had in some time and it felt good to complete all the workouts … Continue reading

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2 Solid Quality Run

With lots of traveling later this week, the early part of the week takes on some serious priority.  I’ve completed both of my “quality” workouts already and they both went well.  The first, an interval workout, fell on Monday.  The … Continue reading

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Running Recap: Week of 12/07/2009 – 12/13/2009

Finally, a week worth talking about!  I finally feel like I’m “back in the game”.  I did start off the week on the stationary bike as my right foot was feeling a little tweaked, but I managed an encouraging 3 … Continue reading

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2009 St. Petersburg Jingle Bell Run

We registered for the Jingle Bell run primarily as a bridge for Alice between cross country season and track season.  Of course 3 miles along a waterfront lit with Christmas lights and luminaries with live music every half mile was … Continue reading

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If I were a religious man, I’d say God was trying to tell me not to run a marathon.  First it was my foot.  It felt better just as my knee started hurting.  That’s finally feeling better, but now I’ve … Continue reading

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